Box Elder County Criminal Defense Lawyer | Brigham City

A Box Elder County Criminal Defense Lawyer at our firm can defend you in any type of case in the Northern part of the state. From Tremonton to Brigham City, and all of the surrounding Northern Utah areas, we can help. When searching for the right Utah Criminal Defense Attorney, be sure you find someone experienced in the court where your case is located. At our office, we have defended individuals throughout Box Elder and the other northern counties. We are familiar with the Box Elder County Justice Court and can help ensure you are treated fairly in this system. The district court’s in the northern part of the state handle the more serious offenses such as felonies. If you find yourself in district court as a result of a charge in Box Elder, call and speak with one of our Ogden Defense Attorneys now.

Pulled Over on I-15

Many individuals each year are pulled over on I-15 around Brigham City. Troopers heavily patrol this area and are always on the lookout for out of state drivers suspected of trafficking marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal drugs. We receive many calls each month from individuals who complain they were pulled over and illegally searched. If you were pulled over in Box Elder County and arrested for DUI, marijuana possession, drug distribution, or any other related crime, you should absolutely speak with an attorney before taking any measures in court or prior to providing any potentially self incriminating statements to the prosecution.

Representation in Box Elder County

Our team of Box Elder County Attorneys represents all kinds of individuals from all different walks of life. We enjoy representing the accused and protecting inalienable rights set forth in the constitution. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch right away with a member of our office. We answer phones day and night and can help you get through the criminal court system quickly and reasonably.

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